— Puppy information —

Once in a while we have litter plans. For us it's very important that both parents are well bred, healthy, and both have an excellent character. That the breeding lines fit together, the inbreed percentage is low, and both parents fit regarding their exterior. 

When the puppies are born, they grow up in our living room. Mum and her puppies get all the attention they need, In the first weeks Mum and her new born litter need peace and quiet environment. 

Around the age of 4 weeks, the puppies are old enough to go outside when the weather is good. From this age new puppy owners are welcome to visit them and play and cuddle with the little ones. This way they learn that there are all different kinds of people, young and old, small and large. We also introduce all kind of other animals to the puppies, and offcourse our other Ridgebacks and other dogs. Their world is getting bigger each week.  

When the puppies are around 5 weeks, the puppies will be chipped, all paperwork will be done for their official pedigree and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club NL will visit and check all puppies. 

Offcourse all puppies will be dewormed, their nails will be clipped whenever needed, and around the age of 6 weeks we take them to the vet and there they will be checked and vaccinated. 

After they are vaccinated, we will take them out more often, so they get used to driving in the car, see other locations, meet other people, 

When the puppies leave our house at the age of 8 weeks, we keep in touch, and advise whenever needed. Our puppies will always be "our" dogs, and we feel responsible for them the rest of their lives. All new puppy owners will sign a contract that insures that the puppies get the best lives they deserve. 

All puppies will have their own information package, which contains : 
- All information regarding pedigrees and health certificates of both parents
- Info regarding the check of all puppies done by the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
- Feeding information and food for the first couple of days with instuction
- Information on how to raise a puppy Ridgeback

All people interested in one of our puppies are ask to email us an introduction. 
If we think there can be a match, before the puppies are born, we invite them to our house,
so we can meet them in person, and they can meet our dogs and us. 

After this first introduction, and there is a click on both sides, we will keep in touch. 
When we puppies are born, we will contact them and let them know that there is a puppy available for them. 

We try to give our puppies the best start in live, they can ever get.
And we expect nothing less from our new puppy owners. 

We want to be sure, our puppies will have a forever home, with the best care they can ever get. We are fully commited to give our dogs the best lives they can ever get, and expect the same commitment from all people interested in one of our puppies.  

if you agree on our philosophy and are interested in one of our puppies,
please feel free to contact us.

Our next litter is planned for spring 2023.