— Magic is pregnant ! —

On the echo it's clear, Magic is pregnant ! 

Little wonders in Magic's belly
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Magic Of Dao Phu Quoc

Date of birth : 06-04-2018
V: Bashaani Emotion Massai 
M: Hot Chocolate Of Dao Phu Quoc
Pedigree link
ED en OCD free
JME N/N free
DM N/N free
D-locus D1 D/D free
B-Locus B/b liver gen carrier

N'Gai Zamu Excellency Brougham

Date of birth : 13-03-2018
V: Mafinga Hombarume
M: Of Golden Gate Highlands Be Forever
Pedigree link
ED en OCD free
JME N/N free
DM N/N free
D-locus D1 D/D free
B-Locus B/B no liver gen carrier
Ridge R/R

About us, and why we breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks

— About us —

Klaas and I live with our 3 Ridgebacks in the small village of Eesergroen in The Netherland. 
When Klaas and I met, Gypsy and Indy lived with me. On the first day Klaas met Gypsy and Indy, Indy was in the middle of puberty, but saw Klaas and also that was love at first site.
She laid down at Klaas his feet, and from that moment are friends forever.  

When we heard that Hot Chocolate Of dao Phu Quoc, bred and owned by Petra Stracke, and directly from the line I once started, a littler was planned with Bashaani Emotion Massai, a dream came true. And so Magic Of Dao Phu Quoc joined our pack.   

Once in a while we breed with our Ridgebacks. Carefully planned and based on pedigree, health, good character, low inbreed percentages. 
All our dogs are tested on good health results, and for generations have been healthy dogs with kind and  stable characters. 

We do the best we can to breed well, and preserve healthy Ridgebacks with a great character, for now and in the future. 

How it all began

— History —

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Wamt to know more ? 

— Plans for the future —

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